Descending Gaping Gill

The Live Every Minute team take on the bi-annual challenge of being winched into Gaping Gill, a 98m deep cave on Ingleborough mountain in the Yorkshire Dales.

Hiking the Ingleborough Estate

The Ingleborough Estate is a vast piece of land in North Yorkshire encompassing the eponymous mountain, Ingleborough Cave and Gaping Gill. Read about the Live Every Minute team’s location and filming tour of the area here.

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Gorge walking in Yorkshire

Scramble over rocks, swim through shallow rivers and hike through hills with this gorge walking in Yorkshire adventure. Lost World Adventures are an activity company based in York that offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including crossing ancient gorges in the heart of Yorkshire that measure 20m deep in places.

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Visit Ingleborough cave

Ingleborough Cave claims to be the prettiest show cave in the Yorkshire Dales and when you venture into awe-inspiring cave formations, its hard to disagree. The cave was first entered in 1837, and celebrated 175 years of visitors in 2012. While times have changed massively on the outside world in that time, Ingleborough Cave itself has changed little over the decades.

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Caving and potholing in Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Dales is one of the best places in the country to go caving and potholing, so it makes sense to go with a trusted company that has been operating for years. Yorkshire Dales guides have been delivering caving trips for 24 years, so you’re bound to be in good hands when you enter some of the country’s damp, dark caves and potholes.