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If you’re on the look out for something completely different, how about touring the Yorkshire Dales on a trike?

Feel the wind in your hair as you jump aboard your shiny carriage and explore the Yorkshire Dales on the back of a motorised three-wheel Boom trike. Think Easy Rider but with an expert chauffeur driving you around.

A choice of routes put you in touch with the breathtaking Yorkshire landscape while you listen to in-helmet commentary from your engaging tour guide.

Owners Judith and Jason Richards have scoured the Dales to perfect the routes which range from hour-long trips to two-day safari expeditions and include stop-offs at some of Yorkshire’s finest cafes, pubs and restaurants.

The fleet currently consists of two trikes meaning up to four people can enjoy this awesome adventure across Yorkshire, so dig out those leathers and jump abroad. Gourmet picnics can be arranged and enjoyed in perfect spots throughout The Dales.

What our editor says:

Ever since I first wrote about these guys for The Times, I’ve been impressed. The great thing about the trike is it offers the open-air feel of being on a bike, combined with the stability of a car.

Don’t be surprised to get admiring glances and people asking if they can jump in for a quick picture. These tours really are unique.

My first tour with them was following the Tour de France route just a few weeks before the famed race came to put Yorkshire firmly on the map.

Since then, I’ve done a Calendar Girls offering that takes in some of the shooting locations for the hit movie – and even booked the trike for a surprise 50th birthday present for my sister and her husband.

There are lots of things that set them apart as unique, from the personal service you get from the minute you book, to the great Yorkshire knowledge displayed by the drivers. They use only the best suppliers if you book a picnic, and team up with some great cafes and restaurants on the full-day tours.

Best for:

An awesome way of seeing the Dales with the safety of a car but the open-road feel of a bike. Tours range from three hours to three days, so there’s a great pick for everyone.

top tip:

Take a trip over the heart-stopping Buttertubs Pass for a great adrenalin hit. The pass was one of the highlights of the Tour de Yorkshire and is one of the National Park’s most famous spots. Roar up it at dizzying speed, jump off for unique views at the top, and find out where it’s Buttertubs name comes from.

While the guys will give you the right gear for the trike, still make sure to dress up warm on colder days – those Yorkshire winds can be biting.



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