Segway at Ripley Castle

Ride a Segway at Ripley Castle

Segway Events

Ripley, North Yorkshire

See ancient history from the best of modern technology by riding a Segway at Ripley Castle. The 14th-century country mansion has stunningly picturesque grounds – and getting the chance to enjoy them without straining your legs is a great option.

That’s not to say that riding a Segway takes no effort at all – you need to have a decent amount of core strength and balance to get going, but once you get the knack, it’s pretty much plain sailing.

They detect shifts in weight and respond by moving the wheels in the relevant direction. You may have a few wobbles at first, but once the training is completed Segway’s are easy to use and you will be zooming away in no time. Simply lean forward to accelerate, back to slow down and either side to turn!

Segway Events at Ripley Castle provide all the equipment you need for the ultimate Segway experience including a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. You’ll even receive a memorable souvenir certificate upon completion.

Each ride includes a training session, so you do not need to have been on a Segway before as the dedicated instructors are on hand to show you the ropes. You will also receive a specialist instructor who is assigned to your Segway track for the duration of your rally.

Take advantage of the family packages and after you have completed your Segway ride, make sure to spend some time in Ripley Castle’s deer park where you will find animals including fallow deer, rabbits, herons, and pheasants.

You can also take a tour of the Castle and see the spectacular Knights Chamber which contains a fascinating display of arms and armour.

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