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Arthur becomes a centenarian triker

What would you do on your 100th birthday? Snuggle up by the fire in a dressing gown and slippers? Have a quiet celebration with a few pals? Not Arthur Jackson, who became a centenarian triker – when he lived every minute of his 100th birthday with a surprise tour of the Yorkshire Dales on a motorised Boom trike.

Yorkshire adventures in The Sun

Live Every Minute – the Yorkshire adventure website – featured in The Sun’s travel pages this weekend. Site co-owner James Ellis offered suggestions for things to do in Yorkshire over the Bank Holiday weekend, highlighting a number of activities and adventures on the site.

Descending Gaping Gill

The Live Every Minute team take on the bi-annual challenge of being winched into Gaping Gill, a 98m deep cave on Ingleborough mountain in the Yorkshire Dales.

Alpamare Scarborough: first look

Alpamare Scarborough opened this weekend. The new £14 million waterpark is one of Yorkshire’s big new things for 2016 and the Live Every Minute team were the first to test …