hot air ballon over York

Fly a hot air balloon over York

Balloon Rides Ltd

York, North Yorkshire

There are few more iconic Yorkshire experiences than riding a hot air balloon over York.

Balloon Rides Ltd take to the skies from the famous York Race Course and before you know it you will be travelling at varying heights getting a true birds-eye view of this magnificent ancient city. You can watch friends and family waving from the ground as you get higher and higher, floating off and riding the thermals.

The experience is truly hands-on as you’ll be asked to help prepare the balloon for take off and inflation. Once you are stood in the high-sided basket, the pilot will give you an important safety briefing.

One of the most exciting things about hot air ballooning is that you don’t know where you are going: the balloon follows the direction of the wind and the thermals and while the pilot can control the general direction, to a point you are at nature’s behest when it comes to where you land.

The balloon may brush tree tops at certain points and at others, you will be so high you’ll be able to see for miles into the distance – on clear days, it’s not unusual to be able to see as far at the east coast, the North Sea and beyond.
At all times, the height is expertly controlled by the balloon pilot.

Landing is an exhilarating experience – even though it’s likely you’ll wish you were still floating along above the city. As you come back to earth, your family and friends may have followed your journey by car and be waiting for your arrival.

There’s a final job or two to do – helping deflate the balloon, fold it up and load it back into the van. Then it’s time for a well-earned glass of bubbles to toast this magnificent experience.

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