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Arthur becomes a centenarian triker

What would you do on your 100th birthday? Snuggle up by the fire in a dressing gown and slippers? Have a quiet celebration with a few pals? Not Arthur Jackson, who became a centenarian triker when he lived every minute of his 100th birthday with a surprise tour of the Yorkshire Dales on a motorised Boom trike.

The super-fit centurion, who shares a birthday with legendary film star Kirk Douglas, had told fishing pall, Steven Littlewood and Steve’s wife Diane that he longed to get back on a motorbike for the first time since 1963.

centurion triker

And the couple from Hawarth made the self-confessed petrolhead’s birthday wish come true in rip-roaring style.

The pair enlisted the help of one of Live Every Minute’s Editor’s Pick collection, Yorkshire Trike Tours, and Arthur and Diane took in an hour-long jaunt around the Bolton Abbey Estate.

Arthur, who appeared in an angling magazine last month after bagging a 10-pound carp for the first time, keeps himself fit by doing 150 repetitions on his rowing machine every morning before breakfast and every evening before tea.

He said the secret of his longevity was all down to living a healthy lifestyle: “I’ve worked outside all my life. I’ve always eaten healthily and I try and keep myself fit,” he said.

Arthur drove a motorbike as a young man, giving it up in the early 1960s when he bought a three-wheel truck for work. “I had it for more than 30 years,” he said. “And I used to do all my own repairs too.”

centurion triker

Arthur, who received a telegram from the Queen this week, said he was delighted with the hour-long Duke’s Tour: “It reminded me of being a young man and my biking days again,” he said.

The speed junkie said his only regret was that the weather was not better: “If it would have been a bit nicer, we could have gone a lot faster,” he said.

Jason Richards of Yorkshire Trike Tours said he was proud to have played a part in Arthur’s 100th birthday. “It’s been an absolute honour,” he said. “I bet Kirk Douglas didn’t have a birthday like this.”

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