Alpamare Scarborough: first look


Alpamare Scarborough opened this weekend. The new £14 million waterpark is one of Yorkshire’s big new things for 2016 and the Live Every Minute team were the first to test its four bone-rattling slides. This is what they thought.

James says: “I’ve been to waterparks all around the world and Alpamare has quickly become a favourite. Having read loads of the preview material, I expected it to be larger than what it is, but the fact it’s smaller than I expected doesn’t take anything away from it. Anyone visiting in the early days is likely, like us, to find it still a bit rough around the edges: the car park is still being worked on, as is some of the landscaping – and they were still furiously washing things down as we were getting our togs on!

The Alpamare concept was originally designed to take the sea to the Alps, now it’s gone the other way, bringing an Alpine touch to the east coast – all the slides are mountain themed and they serve Bavarian-style food, for instance. What it crucially means is that this is an all-weather park – it’s as parky up those mountains as it can be when a North Sea gale hits!

So you get the majority of the park inside: huge wave pool, kids’ play area and the four slides, while on the sun terrace there are two heated pools that are a toasty 35C – no chilly willies there then. One of them blends almost seamlessly with the North Sea when you take a look at it from a certain angle. Grab a beer from the bar and it’s likely they will blend in even more.

We rode the four slides on offer and they really are the biz. The Olympic Run is the longest and least hectic and has two people riding opposite each other on an inflatable, and the Cresta Run is the fastest that sees you lying face forward on a bobsleigh-style mat. Our two favourites were the Black Run, an in-the-dark rough-and-tumble plummet at high speed, and the four-person Snow Storm that seems to start innocuously before a huge plummet and some fantastic swirling that leaves us gasping for more. You’ll have watched the video by now… it’s the one where I’m whooping and Miles is grinning like a Cheshire cat.”

Miles says: “Fun, Exciting and Thrilling were my first reflections of the day at Alpamare, it was an experience like no other park. This waterpark was somewhere for families and friends to enjoy together, not waiting at the bottom of slides for each other to shoot out.

“Alpamare is unique in the fact is has slides on which up to four people can ride at a time so you can enjoy the experience together, and that we did. Adult wise there are numerous bars (poolside and indoors) where you are able to relax while the kids roam free.”

The atmosphere is also amazing. Sitting by the pool and looking the lovely Scarborough horizon or shooting down one of the four colourful slides coded like ski runs to suit the Alpine feel. Definitely worth the visit in my opinion!”

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Alpamare Scarborough is open from 10am to 10pm at night. And while they claim they can put some 2,500 people through the slides an hour, it can be busy, so use the early and late slots to avoid the queues.


* Cossie!
* Towels
* Plastic bags to put wet stuff in when done
* Cash – there’s a bar and restaurant
* Shampoo etc for after your session.

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